Max Yu

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Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's 2022 National Playwrights Conference, Dir. Chay Yew
Goodman Theatre's 2021 New Stages Festival, Dir. Chay Yew
Goodman Theatre's 2021 Future Labs Reading, Dir. Chay Yew
Staged reading at 2019 UCLA Theaterfest
Winner of 2019 Relentless Award
Full-length play.

Goodman Theatre's 2021 New Stages Festival, Dir. Chay Yew

Goodman Theatre's 2021 Future Labs Reading, Dir. Chay Yew

Staged reading of Nightwatch at UCLA. 2019.

Distance Abandoned
Second Generation Production's Inflections, Dir. May Liang
One-Act Play

The Edge
Shaking the Tree Theatre's Short Flix, Dir. Rebby Yuer Foster
One-Act Play

Horizon Theatre's 2019 New South Young Playwrights Festival
Atlanta, GA


Max Yu is a first-generation Chinese-American playwright from the San Francisco Bay Area. He was featured in the New York Times for winning the 2019 Relentless Award for his play, Nightwatch. He is the youngest and first Asian-American to win the prize. He is a member of Page 73’s 2021-22 Interstate 73 Writers Group. He is currently under commission from Atlantic Theater Company and Shaking the Tree Theater. His plays that have been workshopped and developed include Nightwatch (Goodman Theatre), Distance Abandoned (Second Generation Productions), Dragonfly (American Playwriting Foundation), The Edge (Shaking the Tree Theater), and Little Red (Horizon Theatre). His poetry and prose have been published in Spittoon and Babel. He is represented by United Talent Agency (UTA) and 3 Arts Entertainment. He received his B.A. in Theater from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied playwriting under Sylvan Oswald.于亮 (Max Yu) 是来自旧金山的一名美籍华裔作家和表演者,他目前居住在上海。他于2019年凭借剧作《守夜》(Nightwatch)赢得全美最大戏剧编剧奖Relentless Award,并被纽约时报采访与刊登。他目前是 Page 73's Interstate 73 Writer's Group 的成员。他的其他剧作品被Atlantic Theater Company, Goodman Theatre, Second Generation Productions, American Playwriting Foundation, Horizon Theater, 与 Shaking the Tree Theater 采纳,发展,与推广。在此之上,他的诗歌和散文作品更发表于《Spittoon》和《Babel》杂志。他现身为经纪公司United Talented Agency (UTA) 和 3 Arts Entertainment 的代理艺术家,毕业于加州大学洛杉矶分校戏剧专业,在 Sylvan Oswald 的指导下学习剧本创作。


If you want to hear the occasional update on his projects, follow thisYou can find him on Twitter and Instagram: @maxyuliangFeel free to contact him via email at [email protected]For theater inquiries, contact my agent Jamie Kaye-Phillips at United Talent Agency: Jamie.Ka[email protected]For inquires regarding TV and film projects, contact my manager Nora May
at 3 Arts Entertainment: [email protected]


Old Chinese Man, Jingan Bathroom, 胖大海 Big Fat Ocean // Spittoon. October 2020 grandma // You Know What I Mean. June 2020, Issue #1.奠 (dian) // B人bel Magazine. December 2018, Issue #1."you're running out of tomorrows" & "fire! fire! fire!" // Westwind. Winter 2018.